Carter the Great

Carter the Great

Charles Joseph Carter was born in New Castle Pennsylvania in 1874. By the age of ten he has his first performances for the Herzog's museum and Pat Harris' Masonic Temple in Baltimore. 

 A young entrepreneur, he started “The National Theatrical Exchange” and a trade magazine called “The Chicago Footlights.” Even briefly, owned the famous New York magic company Martinka’s Magical Palace, (before selling it to Harry Houdini and other investors) rumor has it he kept his pet lion “Monty” in the back of the shop, like any #Baller would. 

Today he is remembered for his  wonderful lithograph posters, which is the focus of our Summer Collection. 

Even as a business man he focused his grand tours through Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Italy. This avoided any competition he would otherwise have in the states.  

In 1936, Charles Joseph Carter suffered a heart attack on his way to Bombay, India. It was thought his  elaborate stage show was lost for until it was found in the 1970s behind a wall in a building once own by the great Charles Joseph Carter. 

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